Information for Schools

The Careers Lab modules, or lessons, are designed to bring about fruitful, discursive conversations between people in employment and students that will be joining the employment market in a few years time. Teachers in your school would deliver the lessons, providing an overview of the objectives, facilitating class discussions and briefing the set activities to groups of students. The teacher will also invite the business volunteers to give an employability perspective at each point in the lesson, initially by introducing their industry or profession, their company and what they actually do and then inputting into each of the activities. 

There are 4 modules, or lessons, each designed to be delivered as a one-hour lesson or a 3-hour lesson. Each has clear PowerPoint presentations, lesson plans and student worksheets prepared. The materials are aligned with Ofsted and Government advice in mind to help schools meet their careers education targets.  An overview of the aims and learning objectives of each module is below.


Overview of the Modules (lessons)



The Inspire module aims to introduce key employability terminology, focusing on the skills and qualities needed for employment.  The learning objectives are to:

  • Broaden the students understanding of the range of roles and jobs available in the working world by exploring the career pathway of the business volunteers.
  • Create a link between aspirational figures and the students own lives.
  • Identify the skills and qualities used in every job and to recognise their importance to achieving success.
  • Allow students to create links between skills/qualities and jobs.


The Aspire module aims to raise student aspirations around different career pathways and start students thinking about their own career plans. The learning objectives are to:

  • Broaden students understanding of the range of jobs available by exploring the number of jobs involved in producing a mobile phone.
  • Introduce the idea that the job market changes.
  • Consider the rewards and motivations that different roles offer and explore students own motivations for going to work.


The Explore module aims to explore the variety of ways to find a job, build on an understanding of the qualities and skills employers look for and apply this knowledge to the students own experience to understand what makes a successful interview. The learning objectives are to:

  • Consider employability skills from an employers perspective.
  • Identify what skills and qualities they have developed from activities inside and outside of school and use the STAR model to articulate these.
  • Introduce the stages of the recruitment process.


The Action module aims to help pupils respond to key decision points in their life and improve their understanding of what action can be taken when dealing with change in a career. The learning objectives are to:

  • Recap definitions of employability skills.
  • Identify and evaluate factors that will affect career planning and consider how to respond to them.
  • Develop decision making skills relating to transition points during a career.