Explore Module


Explore Overview

1. Welcome - The Business Ambassador introduces themselves and their job.

2. Class or group discussion on how people find a job.

3. What employers want - a ranking of skills and qualities.

4. Interview Tips (3 hour session only). Students write their own handout.

5. A Week in Your Life - students identify skills and qualities they already use.

6. STAR model - students apply the experience and skills to this model.

Each teaching activity can be extended, interchanged and the timings adjusted to create the length of session most relevant for each school.

It works best if the teacher and the volunteers from the business (Business Ambassador/s) discuss the session in advance to agree a plan content and timings. The teaching slides work well as they stand, but some businesses like to add slides in particular sections. Examples of this are including a slide that explains what their company does; a slide that illustrates external factors that have impacted their company or a slide that shows which jobs are growing the fastest in their company.

Explore Aim and Learning Objectives



  • Explore the variety of ways to find a job.

  • Build an understanding of what qualities employers value and analyse these.

  • Students will apply knowledge they gain on skills and qualities to their own experiences to develop a narrative of themselves that could help them be successful in interviews or job applications.

Teacher Preparation

  • Become familiar with the lesson plan and teaching slides

  • Review activities and print worksheets

  • Organise the class into small groups


Learning Objectives

  • To broaden the students understanding of the range of roles and jobs available by exploring the career pathway of the Business Ambassador/s.

  • To consider employability skills from the employer’s perspective.

  • To identify where skills and qualities are used inside and outside of school and introduce

  • STAR model to communicate achievements during applications and interviews.

  • To introduce the stages of the recruitment process.

Business Ambassador Preparation

  1. Review the teaching slides, accompanying lesson plan and worksheets to get familiar with what is expected of you.

  2. Be prepared to talk in general terms about job interviews, including your own experience of interviews and any top tips you may have to answer generic interview questions. If possible, find out if your organisation has standard questions they always use.

  3. Find out from HR your company recruitment processes.

  4. Familiarise yourself with the STAR model and prepare a simple example to explain to the class how you use this in your work.

Students in a Careers Lab lesson at Washwood Heath Academy, Birmingham.jpg