What business volunteers can expect

For the individual, it’s a challenging yet ultimately confidence boosting experience that will also improve professional skills such as presenting, leadership and problem solving.

You can expect to participate in anything from a 60-minute session to a half day event depending on the requirements of the school, but these are some of the ways you will get involved:

you may be invited to talk about...

...your career, and how your motivations for work have changed over the years. For example, at different points in your life you may value training and development over financial rewards, or flexibility and autonomy or something that seems simple like a friendly working environment.


Or you may be invited to talk about...

....the skills and qualities you admire in other people, the ones you use in your job now and the kinds of skills and qualities your organisation values. You may be asked to help students work out the skills and qualities they have already developed through extra-curricular activities.


Or, you may be invited to....

...act as an 'audience' for the pupils to present the work they have put together in their teams. You would be asked to provide feedback on their ideas and or to comment on how the pupils worked together as a team and their presentation skills.

Students at Campion School Leamington Spa in a Careers Lab Lesson.jpg