Inspire Module


Aspire Overview

1. Welcome - The Business Ambassador introduces themselves and their job.

2. Class or group brainstorm activity - how many jobs does it take to make a mobile phone?

3. Reflective Discussion - what is a career?

4. Comparing job roles, pay and entry requirements. (3 hour lesson only)

5. Activity looking at different motivations for work.

Each teaching activity can be extended, interchanged and the timings adjusted to create the length of session most relevant for each school.

It works best if the teacher and the volunteers from the business (Business Ambassador/s) discuss the session in advance to agree a plan content and timings. The teaching slides work well as they stand, but some businesses like to add slides in particular sections. Examples of this are including a slide that explains what their company does; a slide that illustrates external factors that have impacted their company or a slide that shows which jobs are growing the fastest in their company.

Aspire Aims and Objectives


  • Raise student aspirations around different career pathways and start students thinking about their own career plan.

  • By the end of this lesson, students will be able to recognise the range of motivational factors that will affect their career choices and that these will change over time.

Teacher Preparation

  • Become familiar with the lesson plan and teaching slides

  • Review activities and print worksheets

  • Organise the class into small groups


Learning Objectives

  • To broaden the students understanding of the range of roles and jobs available by:

    • Exploring the number of jobs involved in producing a mobile phone

    • Exploring the career pathway of the Business Ambassador/s.

  • To introduce the idea that the job market changes.

  • To consider that different roles may offer different rewards and fulfil different motivations.

  • To ask the students to consider their own possible motivations for going to work and explain their reasons.

Business Ambassador Preparation

  1. Prepare how you might use every day language to explain your job title and role to a class of 11 year olds

  2. Consider if your career has been a straight line or more organic and what careers are like in your sector/profession

  3. Consider how you will articulate your motivations for going to work, referring to the worksheet 'Why go to work'.

Students in a Careers Lab lesson at the Launch in Birmingham.jpg