Action Module


Action Overview

1. Welcome - The Business Ambassador introduces themselves and their job.

2. Online interactive quiz on employability skills - Kahoot

3. What influences a career? - A discussion about technology (3 hour lesson only)

4. Careers in the future - a mind mapping exercise looking at external influences

5. What should I do? - Agony Aunt/Uncle activity looking at career choices

6. Project team design challenge - design an application and present idea. (3 hour session only)

Each teaching activity can be extended, interchanged and the timings adjusted to create the length of session most relevant for each school.

It works best if the teacher and the volunteers from the business (Business Ambassador/s) discuss the session in advance to agree a plan content and timings. The teaching slides work well as they stand, but some businesses like to add slides in particular sections. Examples of this are including a slide that explains what their company does; a slide that illustrates external factors that have impacted their company or a slide that shows which jobs are growing the fastest in their company



Action Aim and Learning Objectives



  • Students will be able to respond to decision points in their life and to improve their understanding of what action to take when dealing with change in a career.
  • By the end of this lesson students will have increased resilience to the process of change in the working world and will have identified strategies to cope with transitions.

Teacher Preparation

  • Ensure the main screen in the teaching room is set up for internet access and the students have one iPad or mobile per group that they can use to access the internet. 

  • Become familiar with  the online quiz at Kahoot  The teacher will facilitate the quiz and the students will complete it in groups in real time.

  • Review activities and print worksheets.

  • Organise the class into small groups.


Learning Objectives

  • To broaden the students understanding of the range of roles and jobs available in the working world, by exploring the career pathway of the Business Ambassador/s.

  • To recap definitions of employability skills.

  • To identify and evaluate factors that will affect career planning and consider how to respond to them.

  • To develop decision making skills relating to transition points during a career.

Business Ambassador Preparation


  1. Review the teaching slides, accompanying lesson plan and worksheets to be familiar with what is expected of you. Be prepared to talk about your role and what you need to be good at in order to be successful in it.

  2. Consider how external factors have affected your company/industry and be prepared to talk about his. External factors could be climate change, the introduction of minimum wage, the apprenticeship levy, Brexit, technological developments etc. If you can, find out which jobs are growing most quickly in your company and what is driving this so you can talk about this to the students.

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