What can you expect?

Ronee Walsh from the Careers Lab team in Business in the Community will contact you to explore which year groups or student groups it may benefit the most in your school. The Careers Lab lessons are designed to be as simple as possible and are available as part of a one hour lesson or as a careers day or event. Progressive modules are designed for year groups aged 11-16, with clear instructions, PowerPoint presentations, activities and student worksheets. The materials are also all aligned with Ofsted and Government advice in mind, helping you to meet your careers education targets. These can all be downloaded from the teaching pages of this site.

The Business Ambassador brings all their employability experience, expertise and perspective to the classroom to really help the students understand more about opportunities in work and the kinds of skills and qualities that employers are looking for. The teacher can really support the effective delivery of Careers Lab if they are able to facilitate class discussions, ask questions themselves and manage briefing the group activities.

How to get involved

If you are interested in taking part in Careers Lab it’s easy to get involved:

  1. Register your interest in Careers Lab and
  2. Ensure all sessions are recorded using the online form

Careers professionals and other organisations working in this field are also welcome to arrange for careers lab sessions providing they register and record any sessions that happen.

Business Partnerships

You may already have good contacts with businesses through other partnerships or local networks in which case please feel free to invite the companies to register and you can get started. If you would like to bring Careers Lab to your local school and employability partnerships you are very welcome.

Alternatively, we can arrange to put you in contact with one of our Careers Lab companies if we have one operating in your area. Many businesses have recognised the importance of this area of work and have agreed to arrange for business ambassadors to come along to Careers Lab lessons at schools.


Further Information


Schools Handbook

Case Study – Joanne King

Joanne King, Assistant Principal and strategic lead on IAG at Chipping Campden School in Gloucestershire describes how she ran Careers Lab for the entire Year 8 group and the benefits the programme can bring.

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Case Study – Mohammed Sultan

Mohammed Sultan, Director of IAG at Hodge Hill College in Birmingham talks about the added value brought by the Business Ambassadors and why he’d recommend Careers Lab to other schools.

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Case Study – Julie Gardner

Julie Gardner, Head of PSRE and Careers Education at The Campion School in London talks about how Careers Lab was run in her school and the teaching materials she used.

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“For the first time I’ve really thought about myself, what am I good at, what are my qualities, what are my skills?”


“I loved it. The information was easy to use, we pick it up, you have a good overview, the teachers were very enthusiastic and welcome the Business Ambassadors into the class and the kids were really curious, they asked all sorts of things”

Business Ambassador

“A teacher can only do so much. We’ve got a textbook, we’ve got our own input from other areas, but actually getting first hand evidence from someone in the industry is incredible”