Action Module Overview

In Module 4, Action, this is where the learning gets put into practice. Key Stage 4 students will now engage in practical, hands-on activities to help them gain confidence in making choices and taking their next career steps. This module helps them articulate their experiences and skills at interviews, as well as encourage students to start developing experiences whilst still at school e.g. through volunteering, mentoring, enterprising etc.


Module Aims

  • Students will be able to respond to decision points in their life and to improve their understanding of what action to take when dealing with change in a career.
  • Students will have increased resilience to the process of change in the working world and will have identified strategies to cope with transitions.

Learning Objectives

  • To broaden the students understanding of the range of roles and jobs available in the working world by exploring the career pathway of the Business Ambassador.
  • To recap definitions of employability skills.
  • To identify and evaluate factors that will affect career planning and consider how to respond to them.
  • To evaluate their own view of changing careers in the 21st century.
  • To develop investigative research, teamwork and presentation skills.

Key Messages

  • Participate in positive opportunities presented to you and seek new opportunities. All businesses look for enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.
  • Know how to articulate your skills, attributes and experience to employers.
  • Setbacks and failures are an inevitable part of life: use them as opportunities to learn and grow. Get comfortable talking about your successes and failures to show employers that you are resilient and persistent.

Core Module Materials

These core materials are available for the 1 Hour Careers Lab Module – Action

  • Action Overview (with summary of activities and a guide to timings)
  • 1 Hour lesson plan and PowerPoint presentation
  • Action Word Bank (definitions for common work related terminology)
  • Activity Worksheets including
  • Certificate of Achievement

This module also requires the students to have access to the internet both to research and to play an employability soft skills game.

These core materials are available for the 3 Hour Careers Lab Module – Action

  • Action Overview (with summary of activities and a guide to timings)
  • 3 Hour lesson plan and PowerPoint presentation
  • Action Word Bank (definitions for common work related terminology)
  • Activity Worksheet ‘What should I do’.
  • Certificate of Achievement

Further Information

Module Materials

Action – Activity One

Ready Steady Sell

This is a skills identification activity. Students begin by identifying what skills they think employers are looking for during interviews. This helps improve understanding of interview techniques as they are also looking at a candidate’s attitude, body language, appearance, etc. Students then analyse their own skills and consider how they would showcase them in an interview.

This lesson starts students thinking about presenting skills/qualities in the best way to future employers. The Business Ambassador gives insight into skills/qualities employers are looking for in job interviews and will act as the prospective employer.

Download Activity One Materials

Action – Activity Two

As Easy as 1, 2, 3

This is an analysis activity, aimed to increase students’ awareness of the recruitment process and help them extract the skills employers are looking for in different adverts. Students identify faults in CVs helping them to understand the importance of focused and specific CVs.

This lesson helps demystify the recruitment process and gives insight into the range of ways to search for jobs.  The Business Ambassador shares their own personal experiences and explains the recruitment process entry-level positions at their business.

Download Activity Two Materials

Action – Activity Three

Breaking it Down

This is a role-play activity designed to practise interview techniques. The aim is to help students understand what different employers are looking for, and to show them how to highlight key skills and qualities specific to each job.

This lesson helps clarify what to expect during the interview process and highlights the importance of thoroughly preparing for an interview. The Business Ambassador acts as the interviewer and shares interview scoring systems, e.g. job-specific skills, key skills, body language.

Download Activity Three Materials