Who can get involved?

Careers Lab supports businesses who have a careers programme and wish to develop a structured and coordinated approach working in partnership with other companies in this arena. It also offers a pathway for businesses who want to start to working with schools with training and support available.

Companies can get involved in three ways

  • Careers Lab Business

    • Liaising directly with schools to set up Careers Lab sessions
    • Building awareness of your company and sector by coordinating employees joining Careers Lab sessions
  • Careers Lab School

    • Confirming how this fits into your schools careers plan and which Careers Lab lessons would add most value
    • Ensuring the teachers delivering the sessions are fully prepared
  • Careers Lab Partner

    • Working with Business in the Community to support Business Volunteers delivering the sessions in your own schools and/or networks


What can you expect as a Business Ambassador?

For the individual, it’s a challenging yet ultimately confidence boosting experience that will also improve professional skills such as presenting, leadership and problem solving.

You can expect to participate in anything from a 60-minute session to a half day event depending on the requirements of the school, but these are some of the ways you will get involved:

  • Talk about your career, where you first started work and how your careers and motivations for work have changed over the years
  • Talk about a role model that has inspired you and what skills and qualities they have
  • Act as an ‘audience’ for the pupils to present their work and provide feedback

Working with students is great fun and can serve as a refreshing change to your day to day job as well as making a worthwhile contribution to a school in your local area.

How to get involved

If you would like your business to use the Careers Lab resources in your education programmes register your interest and we will be in touch to discuss how we can support you to find local schools and other businesses that might be working with this in your area too.


Further Information


Business Ambassador Handbook

Case Study – Ann Brown

Ann Brown is Senior Vice President of HR at Cap Gemini in London. She gives her insight into what it was like working with teachers and how you can benefit from being a Business Ambassador.

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Case Study – Tara Moloney

Tara Moloney is a Projects Engineer Trainee for National Grid in East Anglia. She became a Business Ambassador for Careers Lab this year and gives her thoughts on the experience and what it was like working with schools.

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Case Study – Corrine Harms

Corrine Harms is the Education Manager for HS2 Ltd. She took part in the Careers Lab pilot scheme this year and talks about what businesses can expect from the programme.

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“For the first time I’ve really thought about myself, what am I good at, what are my qualities, what are my skills?”


“I loved it. The information was easy to use, we pick it up, you have a good overview, the teachers were very enthusiastic and welcome the Business Ambassadors into the class and the kids were really curious, they asked all sorts of things”

Business Ambassador

“A teacher can only do so much. We’ve got a textbook, we’ve got our own input from other areas, but actually getting first hand evidence from someone in the industry is incredible”