What is Careers Lab?

Wherever possible, Careers Lab seeks to provide ‘Business Ambassadors’ who bring their knowledge and experience of the world of work to the classroom to help inspire and motivate students to start thinking about their own careers. The teachers deliver the lessons but invite the Business Ambassadors to give an employability perspective on each of the activities.

The programme resources contain flexible teaching materials for ages 11-16. It’s a collaborative and proactive way for businesses and teachers to open students’ minds to the possibilities of the workplace, and to help bridge the gap between education and economic need.

Careers Lab Overview

Careers Lab is about business stepping up to provide inspiring solutions to make a real difference to careers education in UK schools.

The programme consists of three key elements:

Coordinating Framework

Careers Lab provides an easy way that schools can engage businesses to bring to life careers education. It is designed to bring together schools and businesses, large and small, in a range of sectors and is flexible to fit with the schools’ needs and preferences for delivery. To maximise the value for students it should be joined up with other career activities including professional careers advice.

Fundamentally collaborative, Careers Lab draws on the core strengths of both teachers and business people to jointly deliver the very best careers education and to motivate young people to move forward into their careers. The initiative makes bringing real world careers education into the classroom simple, and gives young people access to a range of expertise, opportunities and experiences while helping to build lasting partnerships between local schools and businesses.

There are some excellent local networks in place that recognise the value of employers working with schools and Careers Lab brings important resources to add to this toolkit, available to for anyone working in the field of careers. The resources are freely available for anyone to use. All we ask is that you join the Careers Lab network by registering and also recording any sessions you deliver.

Business Ambassadors

Talented employees act as Business Ambassadors in schools. They are at the heart of Careers Lab, acting as role models and bringing real-life examples and a different perspective from that of the teacher. The teachers brief in the activities and facilitate class discussions, inviting the Business Ambassador really bring their expertise, experience and knowledge of business into the classroom. The recommended ratio for a Careers Lab session is one teacher and two Business Ambassadors for every 25-30 students.

Teaching Materials

There are four lessons designed to run sequentially for students in aged 11-16, helping them conduct a process of discovery across inspiration, aspiration, exploration and action. Each module has been professionally designed to fit the life stages and needs of students, providing a range of exercises, presentations and worksheets, which give structure to the session. Business Ambassadors support these modules by providing real examples that bring the topics to life for the students. The modules can be adapted for different ages and session structure.

Information for Businesses

If you’re a business or employee find out more about Careers Lab, the benefits, and how you can get involved here.

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Information for Schools

If you’re interested in bringing Careers Lab to your school, find out how you can participate and what resources are available here.

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Find a School or Business

For more information on how to find and connect with a school or business in your local area please contact Business in the Community.

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“For the first time I’ve really thought about myself, what am I good at, what are my qualities, what are my skills?”


“I loved it. The information was easy to use, we pick it up, you have a good overview, the teachers were very enthusiastic and welcome the Business Ambassadors into the class and the kids were really curious, they asked all sorts of things”

Business Ambassador

“A teacher can only do so much. We’ve got a textbook, we’ve got our own input from other areas, but actually getting first hand evidence from someone in the industry is incredible”