What is Careers Lab?

As young people enter the workforce many find they are chasing jobs they don’t necessarily have the relevant skills for. On the other hand, businesses have vacancies and are crying out for more skilled workers. Now more than ever it’s imperative for businesses to inspire and support young people moving into the world of work and to address the skills gap.

Careers Lab does this by enabling schools and businesses from a variety of industries to work together to equip young people with the inspiration, knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the UK economy.

The programme works alongside existing careers teaching to provide a modular, progressive framework of lesson and activity plans designed to enrich students’ understanding of career paths and open their minds to the possibilities of the working world.

The teaching resources are all available for schools and businesses to use without any restrictions. To allow us to monitor if Careers Lab is successful we ask for two things:

  1. That all schools and businesses using Careers Lab register so we can keep in touch and we can support schools and businesses to develop their networks.
  2. All Careers Lab lessons are recorded through the online form or via your BITC contact.
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Information for Businesses

If you’re a business or employee find out more about Careers Lab, the benefits, and how you can get involved here.

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Information for Schools

If you’re interested in bringing Careers Lab to your school, find out how you can participate and what resources are available here.

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Find a School or Business

For more information on how to find and connect with a school or business in your local area please contact Business in the Community.

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“For the first time I’ve really thought about myself, what am I good at, what are my qualities, what are my skills?”


“I loved it. The information was easy to use, we pick it up, you have a good overview, the teachers were very enthusiastic and welcome the Business Ambassadors into the class and the kids were really curious, they asked all sorts of things”

Business Ambassador

“A teacher can only do so much. We’ve got a textbook, we’ve got our own input from other areas, but actually getting first hand evidence from someone in the industry is incredible”